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    Thailand + Singapore packages
    Rs. 37,500/- per person on twin sharing For 6N/7D
    package includes:
    • Airfare with airport taxes
    • All transfer, Daily B/F
    • 2 Night Sin, Half Day city Tour, Sentosa with underwater world
    • Dolphin lagoon, 2 night BKK, 2 Night Pattaya
    • City tour in BKK.
    • Coral island tour, With lunch
      Other Hotels And Option Also Available

    History of Thailand:
    Thai history concentrates on the history of the Thai people, less on the history of people living in the geographical area of present day Thailand. Simplified, Thai history can be divided in a pre-Sukhothai and a post-Sukhothai period, the Sukhothai period being regarded as the first true Thai kingdom. Also since that time history has been recorded and written down.

    Thai history before the Sukhothai kingdom:

    Jaipur is a land of cultural heritage unfolding the legacy of the royal past. When you are planning to visit Jaipur, it is important to know about the culture, customs and traditions that are followed there. However, Jaipur has joined the parade of metropolitan cities; still there are some raditions and customs in the city, which you will find quite surprising.

    Thailand has a tropical climate with three seasons :

    Rainy Season: The southwest monsoon comes from the Indian Ocean with rain filled clouds, from about June to October. It does not rain everyday so there is still plenty of sunshine. The humidity is high making it feel hot and sticky. You have to be lucky if youtravel to Thailand during this period. You may be here for three weeks without having any rain. On other ccasions it will rain almost daily for weeks on end. Some areas in Bangkok might get flooded (usually for max. 3 hours), but generally speaking not the main roads (where most of the hotels are located)

    Cool Season: The northeast monsoon comes from central Asia and usually blows from November to February, bringing relatively cool, dry conditions to the country.This is by far
    the best time to visit Thailand.

    Hot Season: Between the 2 monsoons, March to May, the land heats up, creating an area of low pressure. Eventually the high pressure over the Indian Ocean moves inland and the monsoon cycle begins again. The word monsoon comes from the Arabic mawsin or season. It refers to South Asia's seasonal winds (not the heavy rains). In Thailand, the southwest monsoon is the rainy season; the northeast monsoon is dry or cool season. Travelling during the hot season is certainly taxing. You will easily get exhausted from the heat, and will need to drink plenty of water not to get dehydrated. We do not recommend travelling in this season, unless you can do with extensive comfort, or are well adapted to living in the tropics.

    The Southern Part of Thailand experiences only a hot and a dry season. Temperaturechange is rather minor between the seasons.

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